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Cold workable durable hot mix asphalt… is there such a thing?

Why always orient the planning and execution of your road construction and maintenance work to the delivery availability and conditions of an asphalt plant, when it is also possible to be flexible and pragmatic?

Whether for the elimination of danger spots or potholes, for the sealing of cracks, for the filling of installation gaps of manhole covers or other paving components or for the construction of paths or driveways – with the use of EASY Kaltasphalt, the repair asphalt produced in the hot process, you enjoy tangible advantages:

  • Durable solution and same final properties of hot mix asphalt
  • Repair asphalt with continuous grading curve and 98% impermeability
  • CE certified repair asphalt mix
  • Can be used in all weather conditions (even in snow and rain)
  • 36 months shelf life
  • No residual material costs
  • Flexible and independent personnel planning
  • Significantly reduced job site turnaround times
  • Immediate opening of the pavement to traffic after material compaction

We, as a manufacturer, can offer you not only a product that is unique on the German market with top quality, fast delivery times, high competence and personal advice, but also a very favorable price.

Try it out right now! Contact us and ask for an offer tailored to your needs!